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Myle Offers Medical Transportation in the Entire State of Florida

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We are delighted to serve and help even more residents around the entire state who are in need of non-emergency medical transportation or wheelchair accessible transportation. Additional Myle vehicles and medical sedans are deployed around Florida, so now the entire state is covered by our company. From the largest cities to the smallest suburbs, we’re transporting even from rural locations to satisfy the growing needs of reliable, timely medical transportation.

With a strong presence in over 15 states Nationwide, we offer wheelchair, ambulatory, and medical air transportation as well as medical supply delivery. Besides that, we work together with companies catering to COVID-19 programs and provide personalized solutions for them. With an exceptional focus on safety, we drive sterilized cars that are cleaned daily to keep our clients safe in these critical times.

Satisfying the Increasing Needs

The implementation of new vehicles provides a quickly accessible service to residents who need medical transportation between their homes and health centers or clinics. The pandemic generated a massive need for reliable car transportation to get to appointments, important Doctor visits, and daily treatments. Myle provided professional and safe transportation during the riskiest times of COVID-19, and we’re dedicated to continuing this attitude to help residents and medical workers by improving the experiences of patients and transporting them in our wheelchair accessible vans and medical sedans. Besides the intense demand caused by the pandemic, the need for reliable, flexible, and well-priced wheelchair accessible transportation is constantly increasing. Therefore, we are now offering medical transportation that covers every location of Florida state to help people access medical facilities without having to worry about the commute. We offer wheelchair transportation and ambulatory medical transportation for passengers with disabilities and foldable wheelchairs.

Choosing Myle As The Next Generation of Patient Transportation

We offer a smooth experience to our customers and provide on-demand or pre-arranged wheelchair and ambulatory sedan transportation. Furthermore, we put a great emphasis on innovative approaches both on web and mobile platforms that are easily accessible to our partners or customers.

By using our service as a medical organization, patient no-shows can be decreased. Our professional team of drivers is thoroughly checked and trained, so the positive experience that you can provide for patients by working with us is guaranteed. It not only provides visibility of our driver’s location and contact information to your patient, but it delivers full transparency of our entire service. So your patients will have a pleasant and smooth experience when using our medical or wheelchair accessible transportation. Being present in the whole state of Florida, we are now providing an outstanding and Round-the-clock service, whether it is on-demand or a pre-scheduled ride.