Wheelchair Transportation

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For a non-emergency journey that’s safe and sound, our wheelchair transportation service is your ideal choice. We provide WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) in every state, upon request. In some states same day service is available

Additional details:

  • Convenient – door to door service and curb to curb assistance. Our team takes care of you.
  • Punctual – we understand how crucial is it to make it on time for the appointment, and will ensure that every operator arrives on time or before the pickup time.
  • WAVS – the wheelchair accessible vans we use can accommodate clients with special needs persons who cannot get out of their wheelchair, has oxygen systems, as well as passengers not requiring a wheelchair, can ride with a wheelchair passenger in the same vehicle.
  • Nationwide service – we service close to 15 states, from smallest suburbs to largest cities, all On-Demand

Our vehicles are safe, ADA compliant, and inspected regularly. Our operators are reliable, professional and thoroughly trained to provide utmost service, on every ride.