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Wheelchair and Sedan COVID-19 Positive Patient Transportation Nationwide

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Myle’s specially adapted fleet has been dispatched to over 18 states to provide essential support for patients in need.

March 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic creates serious challenges for patient transport

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 had an immediate and devastating effect on the possible movement of people going to schools, workplaces and even essential medical treatments. Emergency transport was needed for victims of the pandemic, and many people requiring vital regular treatments found that their usual non-emergency medical transportation companies were unable to provide a service. This has continued throughout 2020, leaving many without essential transport. 

Without the essential lifeline our transport provides, many more lives could be in danger simply through a lack of routine care and assistance. That’s not something anyone here at Myle Care was able to abide by, so Myle jumped into action to do what was necessary to provide fellow Americans with the care and help they needed. 

Right from the start, the company has shown its caring credentials delivering medical supplies and equipment in New York with the Extramyle program at no cost to those it benefits. Without hesitation, Myle Care immediately stepped up to provide the essential patient transport needed, even for those infected by COVID-19.

The company quickly extended our services to dedicate a portion of our wheelchair van and sedan fleet to be specially adapted to transport patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 and urgently needed to attend hospital appointments. Patients such as those who needed life-saving procedures such as dialysis or regular essential therapies.

Myle Care wheelchair van and sedan fleet vehicles are adapted to comply with all the Covid-19 prevention guidelines.

The company offers a reliable, caring service to everyone who needs our help, despite the pandemic. Demonstrating again how Myle adapts on the go to all the needs of the clients, the company have fitted their vans and sedans with special safety screens to protect the drivers and help make everyone involved comfortable. 

Every vehicle is regularly washed, and the interior cabins are thoroughly sterilized after every trip. Myle drivers are fully COVID trained and equipped with essential PPE (personal protection equipment), such as face masks, gloves, sanitizers, and disposable suits. 

The company also uses EPA approved disinfectant sprays and wipes to clean all surfaces, safety harnesses, handles and windows in between passengers. Myle keeps up to date with all the daily CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) information to adapt to any changes and the clients’ varying needs.

With all the right protocol in place, the drivers, clients, and passengers can rest assured that everyone is safe in transit. 

Myle Care can offer this service to an expanding number of states throughout the USA

Myle is committed to achieving the full potential to expand our medical supply delivery and patient transport services throughout the country. The company is committed to extending caring, reliable, and professional services to people in rural areas and places that may be underserved by existing non-emergency medical transportation companies. 

Myle is currently able to support patients in over 18 states, and we encourage potential clients to contact Myle from other areas as the company is looking to expand and go wherever the services are needed. Myle is a caring company, and it will seek to establish a local presence wherever clients may need transportation. The company currently have over 32,000 drivers and offers a dedicated phone line for organizations that may have a large volume of bookings. 

Over 127,500 passengers have used our service, Myle completed over 647,876 ambulatory rides, and 29,102 wheelchair rides. 

In short, whoever needs transportation, Myle will be there. 

Myle Care delivers excellence in both Transportation and Technology

As a division of Myle, a vibrant transportation and technology company, Myle Care is reshaping the future of patient transportation to offer clients easy ways to arrange their medical transport and ensure that all their needs are catered for. 

Myle Care’s online portal makes booking easy for organizations, cutting down on missed appointments and time spent on phone calls. 

The company’s mobile app can be provided for passengers to give them real-time information about their driver’s location, vehicle type and driver’s contact information, so the client never have to worry about whether they’ve been forgotten, which vehicle to approach, or when they need to be ready. In such a difficult time, this knowledge and assurance is invaluable. 

Myle’s extensive fleet background management means we can respond fast to on-demand and pre-arranged transport requirements, and cater to clients’ different needs. The company understands that clients’ needs are constantly fluctuating, and facilitates moving passengers quickly and comfortably, without putting any member of staff at risk. 

Anyone who needs COVID-19 transport anywhere in the US, do reach out to Myle, as Myle makes it possible for a passenger to save time, control costs, and cater to any transportation needs. If you need to partner with a company that can reliably meet your needs even in the time of a pandemic, click here or call (888) 253-2552.